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Billion Dollar Gran Slot Review

The Billion Dollar Gran is amongst the latest video games doing rounds with three non-progressive reels and one pay line. The game is so amazing and classy with winners capable of cashing a jackpot of up to the limit of $20,000. There are more features about this amazing game that you would probably love to play, enjoy yourself and at the same time win incredible prizes.

Game Rules

BillionDollarGran* This game has standard rules for all the three slots. You only need to match three symbols in a row and simply win the amount depicted on the table. You can as well win other prizes and play other game options including Holds and Nudges.
*Three bowls symbols activate the bonus game. If you get them then you are lucky to play the bonus game.
*Bump symbols on the reel using nudges down a position to come up with a winning combination.
*Saving of gamble nudges in the game is also possible so you can have repeat plays later.
*Get the jackpot of 25 coins on maximum bet possible through 7 different winning combinations.

Betting Options

Nudges are awarded to the players at random thus regular spinning is needed. This can benefit you greatly. They are visible at the left side of your game screen often coming with the choice to gamble even more in order to win more of the nudges. The choice of the reel to use is made by you using the red button that is visible at the bottom of the game screen.

Billion Dollar Slot Features

This game has two different sets of features i.e.:

* One taking the main reels
* One taking on the bonus screen

When spinning, your aim should be to search for three identical icons. The icons will then award you winning spins. It can give you winning of up to a maximum of 25 winspins which happens when you get three identical granny icons on the payline

Winspins are the awarding spins and you can win prizes worth different amounts. The spinning is done on a different screen on a 3 X 3 grid. This is the only way you can win prizes. A secondary round for bonus is also possible if three identical bowl icons appear. This is rare but if you are lucky enough, you can win to the limit of up to 1000 times of your bet!
The Billion Dollar Gran game is easy to play and win big. Always look out for the bonus bowl to win extra prizes out of a simple bet you make. If you are a fun of online games that eventually pay off, this is the classy type where you can enjoy some serious slot action. There is a lot of money to give away in this game so the more you learn and train, the better. With seven different winning combinations, chances are very high that you will land one of them out of the several spins you are awarded.

Online gaming has been taken to the next level with highly classy games such as Billion Dollar Gran introduced on the web for people to play from the convenience of their homes and at the same time win lots of cash. Over time that this game has been played, it has turned out to be the most entertaining online game. The features are many for exploration thus killing any boredom. There are yet other options for the game that do not require any deposit for you to play. If you fear losing your money through the bets, start here as you learn the basics and rules of playing the game to perfect spinning and betting styles.


If you are looking for an entertaining, flexible and standard online game that will suit your needs, check out on Billion Dollar Gran to get exactly what you need. It is as simple as that.

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