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Types of Online Casino Games

Online Casino games were initiated in the mid-1990s. it was mainly facilitated by the rise of the internet. They are also referred to as internet casinos or virtual casinos. They have enabled gamblers and players to play and wage through the use of the internet. It has been referred by many as a prolific form of internet gambling. They basically offer comparable odds and payback percentage to land-based casinos. Currently, due to the flexible nature of the internet, there are lots of virtual casinos offering different games to gamblers. Mostly, these casinos are unique; have different odds and paybacks and also the software used are different, the games offered are same though they have slight variations. The following includes some of the games which are common to online casinos.


blackjackBlackjack has a variety of variations in different casino though the playing strategy/technique is one. Some of these variations include Blackjack Switch, European Blackjack and Multi hand blackjack. In Multi hand blackjack, the game is played with five cards and the players may play up to five cards in hand at a go. The player has the ability to double, but they cannot double or re-split once they have split their cards. The surrender role does not apply to this variation. The European Blackjack variation is very similar to the regular blackjack though it has a slight variation. Some of the variations are: played with only two decks of cards and no doubling or re-spitting is allowed after players’ split their cards. The blackjack switch allows players to switch their second cards when they receive cards. This in other blackjacks would have been considered cheating.

  • Roulette

Whether this game is played online or in a land casino, the formula of playing is same. This game is about guessing where the ball will land when the dealer spins it around the roulette wheel. The wheel has a total of 37 sections in which the ball can fall. This is from number 0-36.When playing online; you will simply place your wager on a particular number. There is also the option of betting whether the ball will land on an even number or an odd number or even if it will lead on a particular area of the wheel, which has a particular grouping of numbers, e.g. 1-10.The more specific you are, the more reward you get when it lands on your specified number. The house edge though, remains the same despite your betting choices. There are two main variations of this game. These are the European roulette and American Roulette.


This is a casino game whereby players have to choose a number between 1-10 from the given table which ranges from 1 to 80. Different casinos usually use different animation and graphics for drawing these numbers. Traditionally, this game was played with balls which were imprinted with numbers. They were placed in a container where they are spinned until 20 of them are drawn.Today, this game has a number of variations in different casino. Mostly player pick their numbers, then the casino using their software calls 20 random numbers which will determine the winner.


bingoThis game is very similar to Keno. Players usually have to mark the numbers on their cards. These numbers if they match with the communal bingo ball, one will emerge as the winner. A bingo card usually consists of 15 numbers and up to 90 sequenced bingo balls can be drawn during the game. The aim is to match all the numbers on card with those drawn by the dealer.


This game requires you deposit credits into the virtual machine and then select your desired number of coins. Choose the number of pay lines and then hit the spin button. The slot machine will do the rest.

Understanding Casino Etiquettes

No matter what kind of casino online game that you are playing, you have to be aware of the etiquettes that are needed before playing the game. There are certain rules to follow in order to achieve enjoyment and success within the game. Always remember that playing online casino games is not the same as playing it personally with the other players.

Here are the following etiquettes that you need to be familiar with:

Etiquette Online1.- Make sure that you behave well even when you are playing an online game. Though you do not see the other players, always remember that you do not have the right to curse them in any way you can. An online casino game may frustrate you at times because you are not winning but it does not mean that you already have the full right to hurt anyone in any way. Online casino game is not just to have fun and win. You are also there to win some friends with the players whom you are playing with. When we talk about online casino games, we usually have one window where the chat room is granted to players. Remember that it is not used for having bad conversations with them. Behave and make sure that you are in the right mode.

2 .-Make sure that you are betting the right amount of the right cards that you have with you. Do not bet too much if you think you are not sure winning. Let your opponent see how focused you are so you will win the pot of gold somehow. There are some players who sweat too much whenever they are about to win or lose. Stay composure and relaxed.

3.- Do not talk to other players online about the cards you have on hand. It may ruin the entire game because of that.

4.- Focus on the game that you are playing. With online casino games, you are usually given ample of time to think of what you can do for the next round, so to make sure that you have it handy with you when it is already your turn. Remember that there are other online players who are too excited to finish the round, so you also have to make sure that you are focused and ready to shoot whenever it is your turn. Do not let them wait too much because it may give them a little bit of information somehow that you are out of the game, and that you are already losing. When it is your turn to throw the cards, then show them what you have got in a quicker time.

5.- Make sure that you are there to play the online casino game. There are some who make chat with you in a few times but with online etiquette, always remember that the chat room is not there for you to chat at all times. You are there for a purpose that you want to play a game with other online players. Never distract other players with the chitchats.

These are just some of the etiquettes that you have to observe while gambling online. There may be other rules that are being set by the players or the moderators, so you have to make sure that before joining, you are aware of what these are. Strictly follow the rules if you want to stay longer in the game. Some players may be annoyed at you if you play it hard on them. Always make sure that you know what the game is all about. If you know a little about it only, be ready for some criticisms with other players. There may be rules of the game that you are not familiar with, and that would bring you to boredom. Do not assume that there will be someone out there who will be willing to explain to you further what it is or how the game is played. You are there on the site to play the game and not to stand by and get good pointers from players. Enjoy the game to the fullest because from there, you do not just win the pot of gold. You can also win some respect and fame from online players all over the world.